Remodeling to Sell

In this day and age, we are noticing a new trend popping up in remodeling. We keep hearing the same story from customers who want to sell their home, but find they need to get their basement finished in order to be competitive with other homes on the market. Everyone has heard from real estate agents that in order to appeal to the most buyers you don’t want to stray too far from the norm. Recently we’ve had a surge of customers who want to sell their home and find that the norm in their community is a home with a finished basement. If this is what the buyers expect, than this is what the sellers should provide.

We recently completed a job in Prince William County, VA where this was exactly the case. The M Family did their research and determined that finishing their basement was the step they needed to take in order to be equitable with other homes on the market in their neighborhood. We would like to highlight some wise choices that this family made throughout the process of finishing their basement. To start, the M Family hired a professional contractor who pulled all the required permits and performed quality work with a focus on fine craftsmanship. This factor alone plays such a huge role in determining your return on investment. Hiring a handyman or doing the work yourself might seem like an easy and cheap way to finish your basement at first. But so many issues can arise from choosing such a route. First, if the work in your basement is not up to par with the rest of your house, this glaring mismatch can deter many potential buyers. Buyers will see the poor craftsmanship as a liability rather than an asset. Second, if you attempt a do-it yourself project without pulling the required permits, you will find yourself in a lot of hot water when trying to get the home inspections required to sell. 

The importance of choosing the right contractor cannot be overstated. The other critical point to consider when finishing your basement in order to sell is design. While a custom designed wine cellar might seem enticing if it were YOUR dream basement, chances are you are limiting your pool of potential buyers if you use such a specific design. The M Family stuck with a versatile and open layout. They finished things off with neutral paint and carpet. They also left a very reasonable amount of unfinished space, because indoor storage space is valued by homebuyers. By choosing such an open and versatile layout, the M Family have created a space where potential buyers can easily envision multiple ways of making it their own- without all of the work of starting from scratch. When done correctly, a professionally finished basement becomes an attractive blank canvas just begging to be brought to life by a new buyer.

One word of caution; you may end up falling in love with your new space so much, that you reconsider selling at all! Case in point: the M Family.


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