Choosing a Contractor

If you find your pulse rising at the thought of a remodeling crew invading your home, you are definitely not alone. There is a lot to consider when choosing a contractor. By following a few practical guidelines, you should be able to find a quality remodeler whom you can trust.

The key is knowing what to look for and what questions to ask.

How credible is the contractor? 

▪   Look for a contractor that has a Class A license and is fully insured- if not, this should be a deal breaker!

▪   Look for a contractor that is recognized by NARI, NAHB, or other such respected professional organizations.

▪   Check out their BBB rating…again if the remodeler is not recognized by the Better Business Bureau, this should definitely raise a red flag at the least.

▪   Find out when the company was established. Do they have a reputation in the community? Shockingly, there are plenty of horror stories out there of so called “remodelers” bailing on a job half way through…

What do other homeowners have to say?

▪   Check out Angie’s List, Service Magic, etc. to look at ratings and read reviews. Look for reviews from customers who have actually had work done by the company.

▪   Ask the contractor for referrals- connect with previous customers to hear about their experience.

How is the rapport going? 

▪   Communication is KEY throughout the entire remodeling process- at the initial consultation you should feel comfortable to ask questions and you should feel confident in the answers you receive.

Why the big difference in bids?

▪   A bid that is substantially lower than all other bids is probably not your dream come true…usually a significantly low bid is an indicator that the scope and detail of the estimate significantly differs from the other bids.

▪   Quality of work can also account for the difference in bids- get specifics on what materials the contractor will use.

One thing that sets Dee Bee apart from the competition is that, in most cases, we provide you with an exact to the penny quote…not just an estimate that will change down the road. We believe in the old fashioned concept of sticking to our word. When choosing a contractor, please choose wisely- to protect yourself and your investment!


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